Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 1 – Let it begin... Part 2

So you count the little things, like not having your carry-on luggage (which is just 'slightly' overweight @ 2x the regular allowance) weighed by the airline staff. And you especially count the big breaks, like having the middle isle all to yourself on a newly born Emirates aircraft - with that new ‘car smell’! I have never slept better - they say the sound of the airplane engine through my earplugs (plugs are a must-have in case you cop a row of wailing babies) closely resembles the low hum-like noise I heard as a fetus in the womb! Scientific! All I know is... I slept like a baby!

The last way to maintain your SSOM is to be insanely kind to your fellow travelers... like the girl, with the French accent, that just asked me which wireless network I'm on - it happens when you’re using a Mac laptop, random people just walk up to you. You’re welcome for the plug Apple Inc! So, I open my computer’s wireless connection, show her which one to choose, and wish her all the best. She smiles, gives me a kiss on the cheek and goes on her way. Right, I maybe have embellished that just slightly.
I know what you are thinking, and no, a Mac computer will not instantly attract the opposite sex! That is just absurd! This blog is not turning into one of those over-the-top deodorant commercials. But now I have a girl with a German accent and a white PowerBook asking me about the airport network! Of course I’m going to help her email home and get someone to pick her up at Amsterdam Airport! That is just what fellow international travelers do - it’s a big community and everyone, well, most people, just get it. So, it’s not unusual to run around random airports, have a chat, or grab a beer with complete ‘strangers’ when you have a massive layover (more on how to survive that on next blog)... hospitality is the way of the traveling world!
So in summary, buy a Mac laptop, no, sorry, that’s not it... in summary... keeping a SSOM will ensure you have a brilliant journey... let’s be honest, it may even SAVE your trip! And it will guarantee that the other human beings running into, and around, you will have a bit of sunshine thrown their way.
Catch you on the flipside, d

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